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GadgetX Software

GadgetX Software

GadgetX Software Publisher's Description

GadgetX is an extention DLL for the Visual DialogScript Language. This extention enhances the VDS langauge in many ways but primarily by giving the language the following features. The ability to load any Windows 32bit DLL and call any function from a 32bit DLL. The ability to host ActiveX controls in the VDS dialog using a builtin client container. Access the IDispatch interface with simple wrapper functions and commands called OLE and @OLE(). Simple wrapper funtions for the IPicture interface to load images into ActiveX controls that need them like BMP, JPG, GIF, and WMF. Direct access to COM Interfaces by calling the vTable methods directly at runtime. A built in Toolbar control. The translucent painting of bitmaps on the VDS dialog with alpha blending that works in Win9x and above. Features to map the VDS dialog to the transparent parts of a bitmap works in Win9x and above. Ability to printing the VDS dialog elements or the dialog itself. Access to C's memory management funtions through a simple wrapper command and function called MEM you get direct access to malloc, calloc, memcpy, memmove, sizeof, and free. Unlimited variable definitions with multiple variable types. You can build Structures and access the members of the structures by thier names. Several bitwise operations like AND, OR, COMPLEMENT, XOR, LSHIFT, RSHIFT, SWAPWORD, and SWAPBYTE. Several C macros now native like MAKELONG, MAKEWORD, MAKELPARAM, MAKEWPARAM, LOWORD, HIWORD, LOBYTE, and HIBYTE. Support for special variable types like 64 bit integers, DECIMAL, CURRENCY, VARIANTS, SAFEARRAYS, and GUIDS. Ability to call any STL functions from the C runtime like printf, sprintf, and fopen. No need to pre-define API functions you can now define them and use them on 1 line of vds code. Ability to use API functions that need CALLBACK functions like EnumWindows and EnumChildWindows. Ability to hook window API messages. Ability to make a shellfolder into a live VDS menu item. With this dll you will have multiple ways to pass data between 2 VDS applications. You can get the Visual DialogScript Language from

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